Creation of the given project the hobby for the author European folk has served as music.
Proceeding from the thesis «not remembering about yesterday, will not be and tomorrow», the decision to touch the musical past was accepted, and to recreate her in modern, but own, original manner.

Geographically project creativity touches, and will touch henceforth, all European countries or the people, without an exception, without dependence from ethnic divergences or religious views.

It is our music! All of us Europeans!


• A megalith is a large stone that has been used to construct a structure or monument, either alone or together with other stones. The word "megalithic" describes structures made of such large stones, utilizing an interlocking system without the use of mortar or cement.

The word "megalith" comes from the Ancient Greek "....." (megas) meaning "great" and "....." (lithos) meaning "stone." Megalith also denotes an item consisting of rock(s) hewn in definite shapes for special purposes. It has been used to describe buildings built by people from many parts of the world living in many different periods. A variety of large stones are seen as megaliths, with the most widely known megaliths not being sepulchral. The construction of these structures took place mainly in the Neolithic (though earlier Mesolithic examples are known) and continued into the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age.

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